Vinyl Stickers | Labels | 3D Domed Stickers

Vinyl stickers and labels differ from ordinary paper labels in several ways, and so they are not costed the same. Vinyl is a durable, UV resistant, non-tearing and waterproof material. It is also a very good adhesive material, ideal for water based or exposed items. Our stickers and labels are printed onto high quality Vinyl, in full colour or black/white in either a matt or gloss finish. The digital print maintains high quality print imagery that is UV resistant and impervious to discolouration.

These types of labels are preferable for high end products like perfumes, food or water-based items and other cosmetic or outdoor ranges. We currently supply labels for Vapour cigarette suppliers.

3D Domed Stickers. Unique in appearance with an accentuated and professional final look for your branding stickers. A doming agent can be applied to our vinyl stickers, to give them a bubbled/3D domed affect. (please refer to the pictures for reference). Domed stickers are excellent for marketing paraphernalia and outdoor objects. Like vinyl, they are UV resistant and waterproof.