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Vinyl stickers are durable, UV resistant, tear-resistant and waterproof. Our stickers are printed onto high quality, long lasting vinyl. The Sign Shed only uses a high quality Roland Versacamm digital printer, allowing us to print in full colour at the same price – we don’t charge based on the colours used! We are also able to offer stickers in a matt or gloss finish. We only use original manufacturer inks which maintain a high quality print. This printing also offers high UV resistance and helps prevent discolouration of our stickers.

Our stickers can also be cut out using a die cut-line. Our digital printer then cuts the stickers out along this line. This means that almost any shape can be cut-out, giving life to you stickers. We can therefore also cut rounded corners on your stickers to prevent the corners peeling off. We can also cut out vinyl lettering, so that individual letters and shapes can be used for your branding and marketing.

The Sign Shed offers stickers perfect for almost any purpose, including bumper stickers and product identification stickers. Our vinyl stickers are also waterproof and therfore ideal for outdoor advertising, including advertising on boats and other watercraft.


Vinyl Labels
Vinyl Labels

Vinyl Labels are a perfect solution for small print runs. Our labels are digitally printed, meaning that we can print an almost any colour imaginable at the same price. Vinyl Labels are also very adhesive and therefore won’t come off too easily. As each label can be individually printed, we can print labels with each label having a different sequence number.

Vinyl Labels are perfect as visitor stickers, name labels, product labels, bar-codes, labels for racking, etc.

Domed Stickers

Domed Stickers offer an accentuated and professional final look for your branding stickers. A doming resin is applied to our vinyl stickers, giving them a bubbled/3D domed effect. Domed stickers are excellent for marketing paraphernalia and outdoor objects. Like vinyl, they are UV resistant and waterproof.

Printed using high quality inks and vinyls, domed stickers are highly durable. We are also able to print the stickers in almost any colour imaginable before we begin the doming process.

The domed stickers are also highly adhesive and will stick to almost any smooth surface.