Vehicle Branding | Car Magnets | Car Window Stickers

Vehicle Branding

Car and Truck wrapping is a cost effective way to promote your business and make use of free advertising while on the road. Car wraps clearly show off your company’s logo and services. The Sign Shed only uses high quality vinyl to ensure a seamless and professional product. This vinyl incorporates air release technology to ensure successful application to the vehicle. In addition, our vinyl is UV resistant, that renders your artwork resistant to fading.

The Sign Shed offers a high quality vehicle branding service. We only use long lasting inks and vinyls to create full colour car and truck branding. We coat our printed vinyl in a UV resistant laminate, which helps prolong the life of the branding in the South African sun.

Car Magnets

Car Magnets
Car Magnets

Car Magnets are an excellent and cheap way of using your car as a moving billboard, advertising your company logo and details everywhere you go. These magnets are easy to apply and are transferable, allowing you to interchange between work and family vehicles. Our magnets can be custom made, in many different sizes ideal for Cars, Trucks, Trailers, or anything metallic!

Vehicle Magnet Sizes

Vehicle Magnets are available in almost any size, although our most popular size is 400 x 300mm or 600 x 400mm.

Car Magnet Application

Car and bakkie magnets can be applied to any magnetic surface. Although the magnets can fit on slightly rounded surfaces, flatter surfaces are better. Vehicle magnets will not stick when there is a sharp bend in the metal. Remember also to remove your vehicle magnets regularly, especially when cleaning the vehicle, to remove any dust or water trapped between the magnet and the surface to prevent rust forming.

Car Window Stickers

Car Window Branding
Car Window Branding

Car Window Branding is an ideal way to advertise your business on your car. We are able to print your artwork onto perforated vinyl. This is then applied to your rear windscreen, allowing you to see through the windscreen, whilst drivers behind you see your logo and contact details.

If you would prefer not to have full advertising on your back or side windows, we can cut out vinyl letters and apply these to your vehicle.